📢 D365 Posts Bot

by Mark Carrington

Teams App Installation

Before a user can receive notifications from the bot, they must have initiated a conversation with it. You can do this manually with individual users to test it, then automatically for all users for a wider roll-out:

Manual Installation

  1. Go to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center
  2. Under the "Teams apps" menu, select "Manage apps"
  3. Click "+ Upload"
  4. Upload the D365PostsBot.zip file
  5. In Teams, click "Apps"
  6. Select the "D365 Posts Bot" app
  7. Click "Add"

Automatic Installation

  1. Complete steps 1 - 4 above to do the initial installation of the app into your organization
  2. In the Teams admin site, select the Teams Apps > Setup policies menu
  3. Edit the policy that is assigned to the users that you want to deploy the app to (e.g. "Global (Org-wide default)" to deploy it to all users)
  4. In the "Installed apps" section, click "Add apps", then select the "D365 Posts Bot" app
  5. When the policy takes effect (can take several hours) the app will be automatically installed for the users the policy applies to
Install the managed solution
Authorize the application user
Install the Teams app