📢 D365 Posts Bot

by Mark Carrington

Application User Setup

To allow the bot to operate, it must have access to the records in your D365 instance. It does this using an application user, which does not consume a license.

Option 1: Automatic

Please enter the URL of your D365 instance below:


Option 2: Manual

  1. Go to the Power Platform Admin Center
  2. Select the correct environment, then click Settings
  3. Click "Users + permissions"
  4. Click "Users"
  5. Click "Manage users in Dynamics 365"
  6. Change to the "Application Users" view
  7. Click "New"
  8. Select the "Application User" form
  9. Enter the details:
    • Application ID: 0436a86f-c175-43ad-bb20-9496b6f7d487
  10. Click "Save and Close"
  11. Select the new application user from the list and click "Manage Roles"
  12. Select the "D365 Posts Bot" role and a role that gives at least Read and Append To access on all entities that can have posts and click "OK"

For this last step, the simple option is generally to use the same security role as you give your regular salesperson users.

Install the managed solution
Authorize the application user
Install the Teams app