📢 D365 Posts Bot

by Mark Carrington

Solution Installation

To notify the bot that someone has written a new post in D365, install this managed solution to create a webhook that is triggered when any new post or reply is created. It also includes a security role that you will need to assign to the application user in the next step.

After installing the solution you'll need to set the authentication key on the webhook. You can either do this automatically below, or manually using the Plugin Registration Tool.

Option 1: Automatic

Please enter the URL of your D365 instance below:


Option 2: Manual

  1. Open the Plugin Registration Tool and connect to your instance
  2. Locate the "D365 Posts Bot" webhook
  3. Click "Update"
  4. Enter the authorization value markcarrington.dev
  5. Click Save
Install the managed solution
Authorize the application user
Install the Teams app